Monday, November 11, 2013

"Open When..." Letters

I've been seeing these "open when" letters all over pinterest, so I decided to make some and add some little gifts to the package...super easy and super fun!  Sorry about the horrible quality of pictures, all of them were taken on my iPhone.

Rubber Cement
Scrapbooking paper
Jute Twine
Blank Envelopes
Black and Silver Sharpies
Silver Calligraphy Pen
Craft Scissors
Tape (or clear nail polish)
Brown mailing paper (for wrapping)
Anything you want to put in packages or envelopes

Part I, Envelopes:
"Open When..." Letters
1. Open When You Receive This Package
  • Heart confetti
  • A one page letter explaining the envelopes & boxes

2. Open When You Miss Me
  • A couple pictures of us and 
  • A one page letter

3. Open When You're Stressed
  • Encouraging verses and quotes
  • A one page letter

4. Open When I'm Mad At You
  • A one page letter encouraging him with how much I care about him

5. Open When You Miss All Of Your Friends
  • Quotes from our friends back home from our quote book to make him laugh
  • Pictures of all of us from last year

6. Open When You're Sick
  • A funny get well soon card I found at Target
  • A one page letter.

7. Open When You're In A Funk
  • A one page letter encouraging him

8. Open When You're Curious
  • A bunch of random fun facts and a list of fun facts about me

9. Open When You're Mad At Me
  • A one page apology letter

10. Open When You're Bored
  • A crossword puzzle I made out of our inside jokes and things we have done together
  • A one page letter

11. Open When You're Sad
  • A one page encouraging letter

12. Open When You Need A Boost of Confidence
  • A list of reasons I like him
  • A one page letter.

13. Open When You Need Encouragement
  • A couple of encouraging Bible verses
  • A letter to tell him that I'm proud of him and I'm praying for him

14. Open When You Need An Adventure
  • Pictures from adventures we've had
  • A letter telling him about my favorite adventures with him and ideas for future adventures

15. Open When You're On A Plane Home
  • Confetti
  • A letter telling him how excited I am that he's almost home

16. Open When You Need To Laugh
  • Funny pictures of our friends
  • Embarrassing pictures of me after I got my wisdom teeth out
  • A couple of funny stories
  • Some nerdy science jokes
  • Ridiculous pick up lines
  • A one page letter

17. Open When It's Halloween
  • Halloween confetti
  • Pictures
  • A one page letter

18. Open When You Need Playlist Ideas
  • A flow chart (pictured below) for him to use to choose a list
  • In a separate envelope I put a couple of playlists
  • EDIT: We now share a spotify account, and I would recommend making the playlists on spotify and sending him a flow chart

19. Open When You Ask My Dad
  • A cute picture of us
  • A one page letter encouraging him for before he asks my dad for permission to date me

20. Open When I Die
  • Disclaimer: this envelope is not actually serious!  This one is a How I Met Your Mother Reference in which I put Lily's  original letter to Marshall that says "cancel vogue" and various account information, then I stuck a little card in there that says "for when I actually die" and it says "you suck, you so totally suck, I knew you'd look!' ...oh and I stuck a note on the outside telling him to go ahead and open it.

The flowchart that I included in the "When you need playlist ideas" envelope
I sealed every envelope with a kiss, and put tape over it so it won't smear.  Clear nail polish can also be used for the seal.

Part II, Packages:

I included little packages that corresponded to some of the envelopes as my own little twist on this care package idea, because my man likes food.  I wrapped them as "brown paper packages tied up with string" because I love the Sound of Music ;)

1. Open When You Miss Me
  • A box full of hershey's kisses and monsters inc candy (one of his favorite movies) and heart confetti.

2. Open When You're Stressed
  • A box full of candies and goodies

3. Open When You're Mad at Me
  • An airhead with a note (pictured below)

4. Open When It's October 31st
  • A box of halloween candy and halloween colored confetti

5. Open When You Miss All of Your Friends
  • A snickers bar (this has to do with an inside joke in our group)

6. Open When You're Sick
  • A couple of cough drops & tissues

7. Open When You're On a Plane Home
  • A box of reeses pieces

8. Open When You're Bored
  • A jelly belly bean-boozled game


  1. Oh, my gosh! This is so perfect for my boyfriend. Thank you so much for putting your ideas online. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while, but I just didn't know what to do.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! My husband doesn't need "care packages" in the traditional sense because of his deployment location, but he'll still need encouragement for the long separation! This is inspiring!

  3. Thank you so much! I always see these online but no one describes what they put in them or anything! Thanks :)

  4. found you thru Pinterest. Thanks so much for putting what you did for each "open when". I love the idea but couldnt think of what to put in the letters.

  5. this is amazing!! thank you for the detail!!!

  6. I love this idea, you can adjust it for anyone.Thanks for sharing